Have your instruments calibrated regularly to obtain permanently precise measurement results. 

Why QASS measurement systems should be calibrated annually

To ensure safe operation of the QASS crack detection device, we recommend annual calibration. A long period of use and the constant strain on the electrical components can cause irregularities in the physical properties of the measuring system. In order to minimize inaccuracy and irregularities a regular calibration should be performed. Only this way we can guarantee constantly precise and reliable results. This way, unnecessary costs for manufacturing errors are prevented beforehand.

During the calibration the following tests and services will carried out on the device:

  • Store the customer data
  • Store the machine and device data
  • Store the internal serial numbers
  • Backup settings and the work piece parameters at the device and on the PC
  • Check the power supply and if necessary readjust the voltage
  • Replacing the battery and compact Flash card (includes the latest software)
  • Check of input / output signals with a data logger of QASS
  • Verification of interfaces (RS232 and RJ45)
  • Functional test of the ActiveX module
  • Checking the time / date function
  • Inspection of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Checking and recording the CPU – characteristic
  • Checking the pre-amplifier ports
  • Checking and recording the frequency characteristic of the sensors

The recording of the frequency characteristics (CPU and sensors) is done with the QASS analysis software which sends specific frequencies to the crack detection device and evaluates the response data in the terminal.

Defective modules can be discovered during this inspection and are usually replaced on site. Therefore, production flow and quality are guaranteed.

The maintenance contract​

The annual maintenance of our crack detection devices is a preventive measure for maintenance as well as to ensure the measuring accuracy. The device is checked and calibrated. Part of the maintenance is the replacement of the batteries, the memory card, a data backup and the creation of a calibration certificate.

As part of the maintenance, the service technician evaluates the parameter settings and statistical entries and provides information on any potential improvements to process reliability in the final meeting.

These measures are carried out at a fixed price per device and are price-binding for the agreed contract period.

All other services (material exchange, etc.) on site will be invoiced according to the actual labor and material costs incurred and are not included in the scope of the maintenance contract.

Travel costs are also charged for the service call. In the course of the maintenance contract, service calls can be planned long-term and economically, and we are happy to pass this price advantage on to our customers. Advantages of the maintenance contract:

  • High quality assurance due to a regular, annual calibration
  • Prevention of any increase in prices due to a fixed price
  • Price advantage of reduced travel costs due to long-term planning

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