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Our measuring system as a product solution

Not only in crack detection do we supply high-precision measurement technology; we can also optimize industrial processes in many other areas.  With our high-performance measuring computer, the Optimizer4D, we are able to evaluate and display huge amounts of data from sensors in real time. In-line quality monitoring, predictive maintenance and process documentation - we can offer you an individual product solution. 

Condition Monitoring

With our measuring system Optimizer4D in combination with our powerful sensors we can make your industrial process measurable. With the help of structure-borne sound, we can assess the condition of your tools and wear parts. 

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Geometry measurement

With QASS Geometry Measurement, we scan your components and integrate them as 3D data into our evaluation analytics. Surface and structural defects become easily visible.

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Chatter mark prevention

QASS enables a significant reduction of chatter marks in the tube draw up to complete prevention. We monitor every millisecond of production and intervene in the drawing process at an early stage before any damage to the material can occur.

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Crack detection

Detect microcracks reliably, automatically and non-destructively with the QASS measuring system.  The Optimizer4D enables seamless monitoring of your straightening process. The data is processed and evaluated in real time.  

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Grinding burn detection

Since grinding burn is not visible to the naked eye, this common production defect often goes unnoticed. QASS has developed a measuring system that enables non-destructive and non-contact inspection of your production lines.

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Homogeinity testing

The Zelos system was developed by QASS with the aim of supporting companies in the homogeneity testing of powder metallurgical blanks.

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Non-destructive hardness measurement

With our µmagnetic measuring system, you can test the hardness of ferromagnetic materials in a non-contact and non-destructive manner. Real-time spectral analysis makes the properties of your material visible live.

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Structure-borne sound measurement

An industrial manufacturing process generates many noises simultaneously, many structure-borne sound signals. These overlap to form squeaks, rattles, etc. Optimizer4D identifies the actual sources of each noise through its high sampling rate, frequency analysis and pattern analysis.

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How a project with QASS works​


You contact us, by phone or by mail, and describe the situation.

Target definition

We define the goals of the project together with you. 

Data analysis

The QASS measurement equipment is installed and collects data that is subsequently analyzed. 


The measurement technology is specially adapted to your purposes.


Our system is tested and optimized at your site under production conditions.

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