About QASS

We help our customers overcome challenges in their industrial processes.

An insight into QASS


We love innovation, we love efficiency, we love sustainability, we love cooperation, we love a challenge.


QASS, that's us and we are a 22 year young company that has developed into a globally recognised manufacturer of outstanding measurement systems.

We invent new sensor concepts to uncover previously hidden information, especially in industrial manufacturing processes.


We cooperate with many industry partners and universities and test our concepts early on with our great, innovative customers in order to further develop exactly what is really needed and works.​

In a team

We focus on teamwork, combining work and life and constantly learning, each team member and the whole organisation.

We seamlessly integrate interns and student workers into our projects and the QASS community. Every voice counts, everyone contributes to project development.

Autonomous measurement

Our technical master target is the Autonomous Measuring System, a system that independently adapts to the measuring task at hand and always delivers optimal results, even under changing production conditions.​

Efficiency and sustainability

Our measuring technology should make the production world more efficient, help to avoid failures, save resources and give the user joy.​


We like to take on difficult tasks, when failing we anyway learn, when succeding we make the world richer.

We celebrate when we have invented, developed, built and implemented something that is unique to QASS.

Tomorrow's QASS is definitely different from today's QASS.

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QASS service technicians are on the road in all continents. In order to provide customers with fast, qualified and uncomplicated service, QASS works with partners worldwide and maintains a branch office in the USA.



QASS ist immer auf der Suche nach qualifizierten Mitarbeitern. Bist Du arbeitssuchend, dann schau doch in unsere . Bei Interesse sende bitte Deine Bewerbungsunterlagen an karriere@qass.net. Wir melden uns bei Dir.


QASS as a technology partner

QASS has more than twenty years of experience in process optimization process optimization, sensor technology, component monitoring and quality assurance.
Our measurement technology with intelligent pattern recognition software enables almost 100% crack prevention in straightening processes.

The basis for our expertise is our own development work, from which new solutions are constantly being solutions emerge. Research projects in cooperation with renowned university institutes and renowned companies complement these. Our 
know-how is implemented into the projects for our customers. ​

Automotive groups and suppliers worldwide rely on our expertise in crack prevention, process optimization and quality assurance. The continuous development of our products ensures that the monitoring of your straightening process is state-of-the-art. With the help of Optimizer4D, you can not only precisely detect cracks that occur during straightening, but also prevent them from occurring in the first place.
Through our technology and service, you sustainably reduce the risk of failure of the steel shafts used. In addition, an optimally running straightening process is guaranteed.​

Our Worfklow


You contact us, by phone or by mail, and tell us about your situation

Target definition

We define the goals of the project together with you.

Data analysis

QASS measurement equipment is installed and collects data that is subsequently analyzed.


The measurement technology is specially adapted to your purposes.


Our system is tested and optimized at your site under production conditions.

Exhibitions and events

We look forward to meeting you in person at the next exhibition or event! Find out now about the next opportunities to meet us.​

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