Optimize your tube production

Cracks, chatter marks or other production problems: We offer you innovative solutions! 

Monitoring of the entire pipe production pipeline

With the technologies developed by QASS, you can keep track of all the steps in your pipe production. Using specially developed µmag sensors, you can perform non-destructive and continuous hardness testing of your coils, ensuring the highest possible quality of the base material.

 During subsequent internal scraping during pipe welding, we analyze the wear of your tool in real time and make predictions about the optimal time for tool replacement.

 Finally, during tube drawing, we analyze the machine's behavior and intervene preventively to reliably prevent chatter marks. At the same time, this enables us to achieve a higher drawing speed. As a result, we increase both quality and throughput!

Measurement method structure-borne sound

Using structure-borne sound analysis, important process signals can be captured in real time. Our measurement system can evaluate these signals and react accordingly to optimize your process.  

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Our measuring system Optimizer4D in application

Hardness testing of steel strip

Test your steel strips non-destructively and contactlessly after heat treatment.

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Tool Monitoring Internal Pipe Scraper

Analyze the tool wear of the internal pipe scraper when cutting internal longitudinally welded pipes. 

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Chatter mark prevention

Through situational analysis, the drawing process is regulated according to requirements, leading to increased productivity. Damage can be avoided by preventing critical vibrations. The service life of machines is extended and operating costs are reduced.

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The QASS project workflow


You contact us, by phone or by mail, and describe your situation.

Target definition

We define the goals of the project together with you.

Data analysis

QASS measurement equipment is installed and collects data that is subsequently analyzed.


The measurement technology is specially adapted to your purposes.


Our system is tested and optimized at your site under production conditions.

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